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Cynovia’s Story

Before joining the YES Prep family, Cynovia Hall was a Corps Member with Teach for America and served as an assistant principal with HISD, where she developed leaders for years but had not had the opportunity to engage in ongoing development for herself. Determined to prioritize her development as a leader, Hall joined YES Prep in June 2020 to participate in the Principal Pathway Program. Hall shared that her experience with the program has been unmatched. “YES Prep’s program is unique. I’ve never had time to consider why I lead the way I do and consider the impact it has on the teams I lead. This program allows for that.”  

As an external candidate, the Principal Pathway program gave Hall the opportunity to learn how YES Prep works, build relationships and strengthen growth areas. Having gone through the program, she readily accepted the role as founding principal of YES Prep Airline Elementary.

At the helm of YES Prep Airline Elementary 

As she prepares to open YES Prep Airline Elementary in August 2022, her vision for the school is to create an exceptional and holistic elementary school experience for students, family and staff. Hall shared that she is an advocate for equity and will work to ensure her students receive an excellent education and an abundance of opportunities.  

As for her founding YES Prep Airline Elementary's “dream team”, it is important for Hall that they all be rooted in equity, with a strong belief in excellence. “My team will operate with urgency, understanding that every minute matters with our most vulnerable and influential students. We understand that excellence is not created by ‘happenstance’, but by reflection, practicing effectively, doing it again, celebrating and monitoring progress towards ambitious goals for ALL.” 

We understand that excellence is not created by ‘happenstance’, but by reflection, practicing effectively, doing it again, celebrating and monitoring progress towards ambitious goals for ALL.

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